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Ten tips for healthy athletes

asd2Exercise routine practice is increasingly common activity among the general population. Since repeatedly perform self-taught, he should consider a number of basic issues that allow you to become an athlete “healthy”.


Athletes as individuals who have Jelly Gamat Gold G significant physical stress constantly, should monitor your health and seriously consider the impact of this sport as potentially aggressive to maintain the balance of their health status item. Doctors are responsible for our health but also sportsmen, and this must take this responsibility seriously and strictly.


Whatever the choice of physical activity or sport practiced and the athlete’s performance level is important to warm up to prepare your body for further effort. Heating is certainly to be specific about the type of exercises to develop during the session, given also that the athlete should facilitate concentration and focus on the task to complete.

3. Return soothing.

Cool down phase should always be part of the training session at the end. In this case it is important to stop gradually runs smooth breathing in again and perform specific stretching muscles that are used in the session. In many situations, and depending on the intensity of the exercise, it would be interesting to integrate a more active phase of low intensity aerobic exercise as an element of a regenerative action.


While athletes because by definition do exercise regularly, the same regularity to avoid monotony and boredom, because both of them are directly related to an increased risk of injuries, both traumatic and overuse. Athletes need to stay focused during training, know your limits and be aware of your ability at all times.


It is very important to follow the plan and schedule set by the coach. Sports training is the recognition area is a very active area of ​​knowledge, which bases the results on the proper organization of the stimulus (training load) from time to time depending on the response of the athlete, and because it is the key does not modify the content of lift (in honor of training load, time recovery, etc.

6. adequate hydration.

If your training is done and / or a wet heat, very important to hydrate before, during and after a training session (one or two glasses of water before starting and take along a half-liter bottle of water during exercise is a good way to stay hydrated) , and chose early summer or late in the day to avoid the harmful effects of heat on our body, especially if we are in the early stages.

7. balanced diet.

Athletes require an adequate supply of energy in the form of a healthy and balanced diet. To watch your diet to promote and facilitate the recovery of athletes, especially anabolic response phase catabolism caused by training efforts. Under a special intensity, volume or load many competitive athletes may require additional supplementation in the diet naturally. In this case it’s important to consult your doctor and have a professional nutritional advice.


No breaks can not be repaired, and this is one of the most obvious of the maximum Sport. This break should include a sufficient number of hours of sleep a day, and especially the proper distribution of effort throughout the session and between sessions throughout the week. In addition, the use of complementary techniques and methods (physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.) are the success factors in order to optimize the recovery of athletes between attempts.

9. ENJOY training and competition.

Although training has a lot of hard times and competition for many athletes assumed a very stressful situation, it is important that the individual can control your anxiety in a situation like this and enjoy both daily practice and competition. To do so in many cases the athletes learning also requires special training and psychological control techniques and the support of qualified professionals.

10. patience and perseverance, the key to success.

The last of our suggestions could not be other than patience and persistence. If no human activity where there is a clear causal link between effort and energy spent and the results, this is definitely the sport. All ultimately is a matter of time, and to meet this requirement, an individual must be able to invest enough time is enough time to reach your destination.